Take advantage of the coming on-shoring movement in research and development, light manufacturing along with the likely increase in social distancing and remote working requirements that may be with us for a while.


Northwest 36 is a secured development within walking distance to over 2000 residential units and biking distance from Boulder and Denver along the main arterial highway connecting both cities.

Northwest 36 is being marketed to biotech / healthcare / AI companies as a secure campus and the development already has 1 building under contract at $5,602,450 or ($350/foot).

Flexible building design allows for owner/users and investors to tailor their building and/or units to social distancing requirements and what will be considered the new normal in years to come.

If a company is looking for space that be built to their specifications like a level 3 lab or level 2 lab space, Northwest 36 may work for your company. Many biotechnology and AI and Healthcare companies are looking at Colorado and specifically the Northwest corridor between Denver and Boulder for a variety of factors including the fact that it's generally less expensive than traditional hubs like Silicon Valley and Boston.  Private Equity & VC's who fund companies can potentially hedge their investment.

How Investors Can Hedge an Investment in a Biotech, AI and/or Healthcare Company

Currently the world is in crisis, how long will this opportunity last?  We don’t know.  We do know that Trillions of dollars in liquidity are flooding the financial system. If 2008 (and all of recorded financial history) is any example, real assets will benefit from this.


Background: Northwest 36 is a secured, 11-acre development in Broomfield, Colorado located equidistant between Boulder and Denver right off the main arterial highway. Northwest 36 will consist of 9 buildings ranging from 11,434 SF to 13,019 SF. Each of the buildings will have the option of 40% additional mezzanine/loft space bringing total square footage to 16,007 and 18,226 per building.  There will be 6 buildings that total 16,007 SF and 3 totaling 18,226 SF bringing the entire square footage of the development to approximately 150,000 SF.

  • Investor invests in “Company” (i.e. Biotech company A) using a convertible note

  • Convertible note investment is place in escrow

  • Company contracts to purchase building in brand new, build to suit, Northwest 36 development at a discount to market price

  • Company finances purchase with SBA loan and 10-15% down payment equity from convertible note investment proceeds.

  • Building is brand new and built to facilitate Companies operation and success

  • Investor also has equity option in Company

  • Company now owns real property building in Northwest 36 development

  • If Company is successful, investor converts, and makes a lot of money from company stock.  Investor wins

  • If real estate market rebounds, Company and investor own appreciating real asset of building. Investor wins

  • If Company fails, real property building asset is part of company assets that investor has the option to take control of.  Investor does not lose

  • Property can be refinanced, assumed, and/or released to another company or sold for profit

  • Investor convertible position is hedged against loss by real property asset

General Facts

Lot size: 11.106 AC

Year built: 2020-2021

Zoning: PUD

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Uses by right include:

Business and Professional services, Research and Development, Business Incubators, Neighborhood Retail, Medical and Dental Laboratories, Offices and Clinics, Secondary products manufacturing, Light industry warehousing and storage. Wholesale business with stock, Professional, Medical, Scientific and Control Instrumentation Laboratories, Plumbing, Electrical, and Carpenter shops. 


Accessory Uses: OUTDOOR STORAGE limited to 15% of each building area shall be allowed. PARKING / PARKING GARAGES.  


Uses by Special Review: Breweries, Nightclubs, Distilleries, Personal service shops, Retail uses requiring limited manufacturing or processing


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